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View Tunnel Health

To view statistics about data traffic traffic jitter, loss, and latency and other interface characteristics for all operational data plane tunnels:

  1. In vManage NMS, select the Monitor ► Network screen.
  2. Locate the device using the Sort options drop-down and the Search box. Or scroll through the list of devices in the device table.
  3. Select the device by clicking its hostname. The screen changes and the left pane lists the categories of information you can display about the device.
  4. Click Troubleshooting in the left pane.
  5. From the Traffic pane, click Tunnel Health.
  6. From the Local Circuit drop-down, select the TLOC color for the tunnel source.
  7. From the Remote Device drop-down, select a remote device. Each remote device is listed by hostname and system IP address.
  8. From the Remote Circuit drop-down, select the TLOC color for the tunnel destination.
  9. Click Go.

The lower part of the screen displays:

  • Chart Options bar—Located directly under the device name, this bar includes the Chart Options drop-down and time periods. Click Chart Options to select the type of data to display—either Loss Percentage, Latency/Jitter, or Octets. Click a predefined or custom time period for which to display data.
  • Statistics for selected data traffic in graphical format for both directions of the selected tunnel. Hover over the points in the graph to display detailed statistics for an individual time period.
  • Graph legend—Color-coded names that identify the tunnels whose data is displayed in the graph. Each tunnel name is identified by the local hostname and its tunnel color, following by the remote hostname and its tunnel color. In the legend, select a tunnel to display data traffic statistics for just that tunnel.

Release Information

Introduced in vManage NMS in Release 17.2.

Additional Information

show app-route stats

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