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Migrate a Controller's Virtual Machine Using vMotion

You can move the virtual machine (VM) for a Viptela controller (vSmart controller, vBond orchestrator, and vManage NMS) to another server using VMware vMotion. vMotion enables live migration of VM machines from one VMware vSphere server to another, with no impact on the operation of the overlay network. You might want to move the VM to another server to perform hardware maintenance without downtime or to move from a failing or underperforming server to a more stable server.

vMotion is a licensed feature of VMware vCenter Server and is available only if you are using the vSphere Web client. To use VMware vMotion, the VM for a Viptela controller must be running VMware vSphere software version 5.5 or later.

It is recommended that you move the entire controller—both the compute resource and storage—together. That is, do not implement a VM for a Viptela controller in a clustered environment.

Migrate a VM to Another Server

To migrate a Viptela controller's VM to another server:

  1. Launch the vSphere Web Client.
  2. In the left navigation bar of the vSphere client screen, select the VM that you want to move.
  3. Click Actions ► Migrate. G00062.png
    The Migrate wizard window opens to the Select the migration type screen.
  4. Select Change both compute resource and storage ► Select compute resource first. Then click Next.
    G00061.pngThe Select compute resource screen opens.
  5. Select the compute resource that is the destination for your VM migration, and click Next.G00063.png
    The Select storage screen opens.
  6. Select the storage that is the destination for your VM migration, and click Next. G00064.png
    The Select network screen opens.
  7. Select the network that is the destination for your VM migration, and click Next.
    The Select vMotion priority screen opens.
  8. Choose a priority for allocation of CPU resources, and click Next.
    The Ready to complete screen opens.
  9. Verify the information for the migration and click Finish.

The VM is migrated to the new server.

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