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Configure Email Notifications for Alarms

To configure the vManage NMS to send email notifications when an alarm is generated on a device in the overlay network:

  1. Enable email notifications for alarms in the Administration ► Settings screen.
  2. Send email notifications when alarms occur in the Monitor ► Alarms screen.

The email message that is sent contains the hostname, system IP address, alarm name, and alarm severity.

Enable Email Notifications

To enable email notifications, configure the SMTP and email recipient parameters:

  1. In vManage NMS, select the Administration ► Settings screen.
  2. Click the Edit button to the right of the Email Notifications bar.
  3. In the Enable Email Notifications field, click Enabled.
  4. Select the security level for sending the email notifications. The security level can be none, SSL, or TLS.
  5. In the SMTP Server field, enter the name or IP address of the SMTP server to receive the email notifications.
  6. In the SMTP port field, enter the SMTP port number. For no security, the default port is 25; for SSL it is 465; and for TLS it is 587.
  7. In the From Address field, enter the full email address to include as the sender in email notifications.
  8. In the Reply To address, enter the full email address to include in the Reply-To field of the email. This address can be a noreply address, such as
  9. To enable SMTP authentication to the SMTP server, click Use SMTP Authentication. Enter the username and password to use for SMTP authentication. The default user email suffix is appended to the username. The password that you type is hidden.
  10. Click Save.

Send Email Notifications

To send email notifications when alarms occur:

  1. In vManage NMS, select the Monitor ► Alarms screen.
  2. Click Email Notifications located to the right of the title bar. A list of configured notifications is displayed in the email notifications table.
  3. Click Add Email Notification.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the email notification. The name can be up to 128 characters and can contain only alphanumeric characters.
  5. In the Severity drop-down, select one or more alarm severity levels, from Critical, Major, Medium, and Minor.
  6. In the Alarm Name drop-down, select one or more alarms. The alarms generated for each severity level are listed in the section Alarms Generated on vManage NMS, below.
  7. In Account Details, enter the email addresses to receive email notifications:
    1. Click Add New Email List.
    2. In the Email List popup, click Add Email.
    3. Enter the email address of a user.
    4. Add additional email addresses as desired.
    5. Click Save.
  8. In the Email Threshold field, set the maximum number of emails to be sent per minute. The number can be a value from 1 through 30. The default is 5.
  9. Click the Webhook box to trigger an HTTP callback when an alarm notification event occurs:
    1. Enter the username and password to authenticate the webhook server.
    2. Enter the URL of the webhook server.
  10. Select the routers to which the alarm notification applies, either All Devices or a custom list. If you select Custom, a device list is displayed:
    1. In the Available Devices table on the left, select one or more devices.
    2. Click the right-point arrow to move the devices to the Selected Devices table on the right.
  11. Click Add.

Release Information

Introduced in vManage NMS in Release 18.3.

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