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Collect Statistics for Network Devices

To enable or disable the collection of statistics for devices in the overlay network, use the vManage Administration ► Settings screen:

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of the Statistics Settings bar. By default, all statistics collection settings are enabled for all Viptela devices.
  2. To set statistics collection parameters for all devices in the network, click Disable All for the parameter you wish to disable statistics collection for.
    To return to the saved settings during an edit operation, click Reset.
    To return the saved settings to the factory-default settings, click Restore Factory Default
  3. To set statistics collection parameters for individual devices in the network, click Custom to select devices on which to enable or disable statistics collection. The Select Devices popup screen opens listing the hostname and device IP of all devices in the network. Select one or more devices from the Enabled Devices column on the left and click the arrow pointing right to move the device to the Disabled Devices column on the right. To move devices from the Disabled Devices to the Enabled Devices column, select one or more devices and click the arrow pointing left. To select all devices in the Select Devices popup screen, click the Select All checkbox in either window. Click Done when all selections are made.
  4. Click Save.

Release Information 

Introduced in vManage NMS in Release 16.2.

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