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Cisco SD-WAN
Product Documentation
Viptela Documentation


Change the Device Rollback Timer
Check Interface Bandwidth
Check the WAN Edge Router Certificate Status
Collect Statistics for Network Devices
Configure Email Notifications for Alarms
Create a Custom Banner for the vManage NMS
Decommission a vEdge Cloud Router
Delete, Edit, or View Email Notifications for Alarms
Delete a Configuration Template
Delete a Controller
Delete a WAN Edge Router
Deploy the Viptela Overlay Network
Determine the Status of a Network Device
Determine the Status of Network Sites
Enable CloudExpress Service
Enable Reverse Proxy
Establish an SSH Session to a Device
Export Alarm Data in CSV Format
Export Audit Log Data in CSV Format
Export Device Data in CSV Format
Export Event Data in CSV Format
Export Root Certificate
How to Load a Custom vManage Application Server Logo
Locate a Viptela Device
Log In to a Viptela Device
Migrate a Controller's Virtual Machine Using vMotion
Reboot a Device
Reboot a Device or View Active Devices
Rediscover the Network
Remove a vEdge Router's Serial Number from the vManage NMS
Remove a vManage NMS from a vManage Cluster
Replace a vEdge Router
Reset an Interface
Reset the RSA Key Pair
Restore the vManage NMS
Set ACL Log Filters
Set Alarm Filters
Set Audit Log Filters
Set Event Filters
Set Map Filters
Set the Time Interval to Collect Device Statistics
Set vManage Login Credentials
Stage a WAN Edge Router
Synchronize Device Data
View ACL Logs
View All Interfaces
View Application Performance with Cloud OnRamp for SaaS
View ARP Table Entries
View Audit Logs
View a Configuration Template
View BFD Session Information
View BGP Information
View Cellular Interface Information
View Certificate
View Cflowd Information
View Cloud OnRamp Cloud Connectivity
View Configuration Templates
View Control Connections
View CSR
View Data Connections
View Data Policies
View Devices Connected to a vManage NMS
View Device Information
View DHCP Server and Interface Information
View DPI Information
View Interface MTU Information
View Link Information
View Log of Certificate Activities
View Log of Software Upgrade Activities
View Log of Configuration Template Activities
View Management Interfaces
View Multicast Information
View Network Performance with vAnalytics Platform
View OMP Information
View OMP Status
View OSPF Information
View PIM Information
View Route, FIB, and MFIB Tables
View Router Configuration
View Services Running on a vManage NMS
View Software Versions Installed on a Device
View Status of Device Bringup
View Summary Information about Tenants in a vManage Server
View the Status of a vBond Orchestrator
View the Status of a vEdge Router
View the Status of a vSmart Controller
View Tunnel Latency Statistics
View Tunnel Loss Statistics
View VRRP Information
View WAN Interfaces
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