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Perform Parallel Configuration Template Operations

On Viptela devices in the overlay network, you can perform the same operations, in parallel, from one or more vManage servers. You can perform the following template operations in parallel in the vManage Configuration ► Templates screen:

  • Attach devices to a device template
  • Detach devices from a device template
  • Change the variable values for a device template that has devices attached to it

For template operations, the following rules apply:

  • When a device template is already attached to a device, you can modify one of its feature templates. Then when you click Update ► Configure Devices, all other template operations—including attach devices, detach devices, and edit device values—are locked on all vManage servers until the update operation completes. This means that a user on another vManage server cannot perform any template operations until the update completes.
  • You can perform the attach and detach device template operations on different devices, from one or more vManage servers, at the same time. However, if any one of these operations is in progress on one vManage server, you cannot edit any feature templates on any of the servers until the attach or detach operation completes.

Release Information 

Introduced in vManage NMS in Release 16.3.

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