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Attach Devices to a Device Configuration Template

To attach one or more devices to a device configuration template:

  1. In vManage NMS, select the Configuration ► Templates screen.
  2. In the Device tab, select a template.
  3. Click the More Actions icon to the right of the row and click Attach Devices. The Attach Devices dialog box opens with the Select Devices tab selected
  4. In the Available Devices column on the left, select a group and search for one or more devices, select a device from the list, or click Select All.
  5. Click the arrow pointing right to move the device to the Selected Devices column on the right.
  6. Click Attach.
  7. If the template contains variables, enter the missing variable values for each device you selected in one of the following ways:
  • Enter the values manually for each device either in the table column or by clicking the More Actions icon to the right of the row and clicking Edit Device Template. When you are using optional rows, if you do not want to include the parameter for the specific device, do not specify a value.
  • Click Import File in the upper right corner of the screen to upload a CSV file that lists all the variables and defines each variable's value for each device.
  1. Click Update
  2. Click Next.
    If any devices have the same system IP address, a pop-up or an error message is displayed when you click Next. Modify the system IP addresses so that there are no duplicates, and click Save. Then click Next again.
  3. In the left pane, select the device, to preview the configuration that is ready to be pushed to the device. The right pane displays the device's configuration and the Config Preview tab in the upper right corner is selected.
    Click the Config Diff tab to view the differences between this configuration and the configuration currently running on the device, if applicable.
    Click the Back button to edit the variable values entered in the previous screen.
  4. If you are attaching a vEdge router, click Configure Device Rollback Timer located at the bottom of the left pane, to configure the time interval at which the device rolls back to its previous configuration if the router loses its control connection to the overlay network. The Configure Device Rollback Time dialog box is displayed.
    1. From the Devices drop-down, select a device.
    2. To enable the rollback timer, in the Set Rollback slider beneath the Devices drop-down, drag the slider to the left to enable the rollback timer. When you do this, the slider changes in color from gray to green.
    3. To disable the rollback timer, click the Enable Rollback slider. When you disable the timer, the Password field pops up. Enter the password that you used to log in to the vManage NMS.
    4. In the Device Rollback Time slider, drag the slider to the desired value. The default time is 5 minutes. You can configure a time from 6 to 15 minutes.
    5. To exclude a device from the rollback timer setting, click Add Exception and select the devices to exclude.
    6. The table at the bottom of the Configure Device Rollback Time dialog box lists all the devices to which you are attaching the template and their rollback time. To delete a configured rollback time, click the Trash icon to right right of the device name.
    7. Click Save.
  5. Click Configure Devices to push the configuration to the devices.
    The Status column displays whether the configuration was successfully pushed. Click the right angle bracket to the left of the row to display details of the push operation.

Release Information

Introduced in vManage NMS in Release 16.2.

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