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Cisco SD-WAN
Product Documentation
Viptela Documentation


Add a vBond Orchestrator
Add a vManage NMS to a vManage Cluster
Add a vSmart Controller
Add, Delete, or Edit a Tenant
Add or Delete an Image in the vManage Software Repository
Attach Devices to a Device Configuration Template
Change Configuration Modes
Change the IP Address of the vManage NMS
Check User Accounts and Permissions
Configure Certificate Authorization Settings for Controller Devices
Configure Certificate Authorization Settings for vEdge Cloud Routers
Configure Devices from vManage NMS
Configure Geographic Coordinates for a Device
Configure Organization Name
Configure or Cancel a vManage Server Maintenance Window
Configure Policies
Configure the DNS Name or IP Address of the vBond Orchestrator
Configure the vManage NMS Statistics Database
Configure vManage NMS for Zscaler
Copy a Configuration Template
Copy Router Configuration
Create a Device Configuration Template
Create a Template Variables Spreadsheet
Create Configuration Templates for a vBond Orchestrator
Create Configuration Templates for a vEdge Router
Create Configuration Templates for a vManage NMS
Create Configuration Templates for a vSmart Controller
Delete a Software Image from a Device
Delete Configuration Templates
Determine Changes to a Configuration Template
Determine Why a Device Rejects a Template
Edit a CLI Device Configuration Template
Edit a Configuration Template
Edit Controller Login Credentials
Enable and Configure Cloud OnRamp for SaaS
Enable Data Stream Collection from a WAN Edge Router
Enable Timeout Value for a vManage Client Session
Enable vAnalytics Platform
Enforce Software Version on a WAN Edge Router
Generate a Certificate
Generate Bootstrap Configuration for a vEdge Cloud Router
Generate or View the CSR
Generate Web Server Certificate
Install or View the Signed Certificate
Perform Parallel Configuration Template Operations
Preview Device Configuration and View Configuration Differences
Send the Controller Serial Numbers to vBond Orchestrator
Set the Default Software Version on a Device
Set the Tenancy Mode for a vManage Server
Set Up Users to Access Viptela Devices
Set Up User Groups to Access Viptela Devices
Upgrade and Activate the Software Image on a Device
Upload the vEdge Serial Number File
Upload WAN Edge Router Authorized Serial Number File
Upload WAN Edge Router Serial Numbers from Cisco Smart Account
Use a Multitenant vManage NMS
Use the vManage NMS
Use Variable Values in Configuration Templates
Validate or Invalidate a vEdge Router
Validate or Invalidate a WAN Edge Router
View Changes to a Configuration Template
View Devices Attached to a Configuration Template
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