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SSH Terminal

Use the SSH Terminal screen to establish an SSH session to a Viptela device. From an SSH session, you can issue CLI commands on the Viptela device.

Screen Elements

  • Top bar—On the left are the menu icon, for expanding and collapsing the vManage menu, and the vManage product name. On the right are a number of icons and the user profile drop-down.
  • Title bar—Includes the title of the screen, SSH Terminal.
  • Left pane—Includes:
    • Device Groups drop-down—Lists all configured device groups in the network.
    • Search box—Includes the Search Options drop-down, for a Contains or Match string.
    • Sort by drop-down options. You can sort the device list by reachability, hostname, system IP, site ID, or device model.
    • List of all Viptela devices in the selected device group.
  • Right pane—Includes:
    • An open SSH window. The size of the window is based on the current browser size, and it does not readjust if you change the window size. A vertical scroll bar allows you to scroll up and down in the SSH window.


Establish an SSH Session to a Device

To establish an SSH session to a device:

  1. From the left pane, select the device on which to collect statistics:
    1. Select the device group to which the device belongs.
    2. If needed, sort the device list by its status, hostname, system IP, site ID, or device type.
    3. Click on the device to select it.
  2. Enter the username and password to log in to the device.

You can now issue CLI commands to monitor or configure the device.

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