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Rediscover Network

Use the Rediscover Network screen to locate new devices in the overlay network and synchronize them with the vManage NMS.

Screen Elements

  • Title bar.
  • Rediscover button.
  • Device Groups drop-down with a list of all configured device groups in the network.
  • Filter criteria—Sort options drop-down and Search box, for a Contains or Match string.
  • Table of devices in the overlay network—To re-arrange the columns, drag the column title to the desired position.


Rediscover the Network

To locate new devices in the overlay network, click the Rediscover button located directly bene. The vManage NMS rediscovers every device and link and displays updated information about the network.

Synchronize Device Data

To synchronize the data on a specific device with the vManage NMS:

  1. From the Device Groups drop-down list, select the device group to which the device belongs. The device table lists all the devices in the selected group.
  2. Select the device.
  3. Click the Rediscover button located directly below the title bar.
  4. In the Rediscover Network popup window, click Rediscover to confirm re-synchronization of the device data.
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