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Device Reboot

Use the Device Reboot screen to reboot one or more Viptela devices.

Screen Elements

  • Title bar—Includes tabs for vEdge, Controller, and vManage.
  • vEdge tab—Displays a list of all vEdge routers in the overlay network. When you first open the Device Reboot screen, you are in the vEdge tab.
  • Controller—Displays a list of all controller devices in the overlay network.
  • vManage—Displays a list of all vManage NMSs in the overlay network.
  • Reboot button bar.
  • Device Groups drop-down with a list of all configured device groups in the network.
  • Filter criteria—Sort options drop-down and Search box, for a Contains or Match string.
  • Device list table—Select a device to reboot.


Reboot a Device

To reboot one or more Viptela device in the overlay network:

  1. In the title bar, click vEdge, Controller, or vManage.
  2. Select one or more devices.
  3. Click the Reboot button.

View Active Devices

To view a list of devices on which the reboot operation has been performed:

  1. Click the Tasks icon located in the vManage toolbar. vManage NMS displays a list of all running tasks along with the total number of successes and failures. 
  2. Click a row to see details of a task. vManage NMS opens a status window displaying the status of the task and details of the device on which the task was performed.
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