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Front and Rear Panel Components

This article describes the components on the front and rear panels of the vEdge 5000 router. For the exact location of these components on the router, see At a Glance.

Front Panel

The front panel of the vEdge 5000 router has three status LEDs, a reset button, and the LCD panel and keypad.


The vEdge 5000 router has three chassis status LEDs located in the left-hand corner of the front panel. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: Chassis Status LEDs in a vEdge 5000 Router


Table 1 describes the LEDs , their color and states, and the status they indicate.

Table 1: Chassis Status LEDs in a vEdge 5000 Router (UPDATE TABLE)






  • Off: System is not powered on
  • Blinking Amber: System is booting up
  • Blinking Green: System has booted but OMP is down
  • Solid green: System is up and running and OMP is up
  • Solid Amber: System software is down or an alarm is present



  • Off: System is not powered on
  • Green: System is powered on



  • Off: System is not powered on or there is no HDD activity
  • Blinking Green: SSD disk activity is ongoing

Reset Button

The front panel of the vEdge 5000 router has a reset button (see Figure 2). The reset button is recessed to avoid accidentally pressing it while the router is operational. 

Figure 2: Reset Button on the vEdge 5000 Router


To press the reset button, use a sharp narrow tool. Table 2 describes the effects of pressing the reset button.

Table 3: Reset Button Press Behavior

Press Duration


Short press

Pressing for two seconds resets and reboots the router.

Long press

Pressing for 10 seconds resets the router and reboots it with factory default configuration.

LCD Panel and Key Pad

The LCD panel displays status information about the state of the system. It also provides some boot control options while the system is booting up. The key pad consists of the following buttons:

  • Up arrow
  • Down arrow
  • Back
  • Enter

Rear Panel

The rear panel of the vEdge 5000 router has a power button and an alarm reset button.

Power Button

To gracefully shutdown the vEdge 5000 router, briefly press the power button on the rear panel. If pressed for 5 seconds, the router will be forced to shutdown ungracefully.

Alarm Button

The alarm button is located directly beneath the power button. If a power supply in the vEdge 5000 router fails or is not plugged in, the router raises an alarm. To cancel the alarm until the next reboot, press the alarm button.

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