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Restore a vEdge Router

This article explains how to revert the configuration for a vEdge router to the factory-default values. It also explains how to do a soft and hard reset of the router.

Reverting to the vEdge Router Factory-Default Configuration

After you set up and start the virtual machines (VMs) for the vEdge Cloud routers and set up and start the hardware vEdge routers in your overlay network, they come up with a factory-default configuration. When you make and commit changes to the default configuration, a new configuration file is created. This new configuration file then becomes the active configuration.

If desired, you can revert to the default factory configuration:

vEdge# request software reset

Reset the Router

You can reset the vEdge router by doing either a hard press or a soft press. To perform either type of press, locate the Reset button on the front panel of the router. The Reset button is recessed to avoid accidentally pressing it while the router is operational. To press the Reset button, use a sharp narrow tool.

Perform a Long Press Reset

A long press reset of the vEdge router erases passwords, keys, and most other configuration parameters, restoring the router to its factory-default configuration.

To perform a long press reset, press the Reset button for more than 10 seconds. After you release the Reset button, the router will reboot and resume normal operation.

Perform a Short Press Reset

A short press reset of the Edge router is equivalent to a graceful software reboot and is the same as entering the reboot command at the CLI prompt.

To perform a short press reset, press the Reset button for two seconds. The short press reset takes effect almost instantaneously and reboots the router.

Additional Information

Software Installation
See the vEdge Router Default Configuration article for your vEdge router model.
See the Front Panel Components article for your vEdge router model.

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