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Power Supply

The vEdge 100b router has an external power supply and ships with a 12-Volt AC-DC power adapter.

AC-DC Power Adapter

The vEdge 100b router accepts a DC power input of 12 Volts. You can power the router by plugging one end of the AC power adapter into the front of the router, and the other end into an AC power outlet.

The AC-DC power adapter has the following wall-connector options:

  • Type A (commonly used for Canada, Japan, Mexico, and US)
  • Type C (commonly used for Asia, Europe, and South America)
  • Type G (commonly used for Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, and United Kingdom)
  • Type I (commonly used for Argentina, Australia, China, and New Zealand)

Table 1 describes the AC power supply specifications for the vEdge 100b router.

Table 1: vEdge 100b Router AC Power Supply Specifications



AC input voltage

90-264 Vrms

AC input line frequency

47-63 Hz

Typical power consumption

15 Watts

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