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Localized Control Policy

Control policy operates on the control plane traffic in the Viptela overlay network, influencing the determination of routing paths through the overlay network. Localized control policy is policy that is configured on a vEdge router (hence, it is local) and affects BGP and OSPF routing decisions on the site-local network that the vEdge router is part of.

In addition to participating in the overlay network, a vEdge router participates in the network at its local site, where it appears to the other network devices to be simply a regular router. As such, you can provision routing protocols, such as BGP and OSPF, on the vEdge router so that it can exchange route information with the local-site routers. To control and modify the routing behavior on the local network, you configure a type of control policy called route policy on the vEdge routers. Route policy applies only to routing performed at the local branch, and it affects only the route table entries in the local vEdge router's route table.

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