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Forwarding and QoS CLI Reference

CLI commands for configuring and monitoring forwarding and QoS.

Forwarding and QoS Configuration Commands

Use the following commands to configure forwarding and QoS on a vEdge router.

    class class-name queue number
  mirror mirror-name
    remote-dest ip-address source ip-address
  policer policer-name
    rate bandwidth
    burst types
    exceed action
  qos-map map-name
    qos-scheduler scheduler-name
  qos-scheduler scheduler-name
    class class-name
    bandwidth-percent percentage
    buffer-percent percentage
    drops drop-type
  rewrite-rule rule-name 
  access-list acl-name
    default-action action
    sequence number
        class class-name
        destination-ip prefix/length
        destination-port number
        dscp number
        protocol number
        source-ip prefix-length
        source-port number
          count counter-name
          class class-name
          count counter-name
          mirror mirror-name
          policer policer-name
          set dscp value
vpn vpn-id
  interface interface-name
    access-list acl-name (in | out)  
  interface interface-name
    policer policer-name (in | out)

Forwarding and QoS Monitoring Commands

Use the following commands to monitor forwarding and QoS on a vEdge router:

show policy access-list-associations
show policy access-list-counters
show policy access-list-names
show policy access-list-policers
​show policy data-policy-filter
show policy qos-map-info
show policy qos-scheduler-info

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