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Step 1: Download Software

The Viptela software is available on the Viptela Support website.

For the initial software installation on vManage NMSs, vBond orchestrators, vEdge Cloud routers, and vSmart controllers, all of which run as virtual machines (VMs) on a server, the software is provided as open virtualization (.ova) files, with one file for each device type:

  • vbond-software-release.ova
  • viptela-edge-software-release.ova
  • vmanage-software-release.ova
  • vsmart-software-release.ova

The software release is identified with three numeric fields (such as 16.1.0).

Hardware vEdge routers ship with software already installed, so you do not need to download a software image when you are first installing the routers.

To download the Viptela software:

  1. Go to and log in to Viptela Support.
  2. Click Downloads.
  3. Select the software release version.
  4. Click the desired .ova software image file to download it. (Note that the .tar files are software bundles that you use only when upgrading the software. They are not required for initial software installation.)
  5. Copy the software image to the desired HTTP or FTP file server in your local network.
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