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tools minicom

tools minicom—Connect to the serial console through USB ports (on vEdge 1000, vEdge 2000, and vEdge 5000 routers only). This command is effectively the standard Linux minicom command.

Command Syntax

tools minicom options options
tools minicom help


Command Help
Display all the command options.
Command Options
options options
See the Linux minicom man page for a list of all the tool minicom command options.

Output Fields

The output is self explanatory.

Example Output

Access the serial console of a remote device through the USB port on a vEdge 1000 router:

  1. Connect the USB port of a vEdge 1000 or vEdge 200 router to a console port, either on the router or another device.
  2. Exit from the CLI to the router's shell:
    vEdge1000# vshell
  3. Determine which USB port is connected:
    # ls –lrt /dev/tty*
  4. Return to the CLI:
    # exit
  5. Set the baud rate on the port:
    vEdge-1000# tools minicom "-b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB-port
  6. Press Ctrl-a and z, set up the port with the minicom tool, and save the configuration.

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 17.1.

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