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show sdwan policy

show sdwan policy—Display information about policy configuration on the IOS XE router.

Command Syntax

show sdwan policy app-route-policy filter
show sdwan policy access-list-associations
show sdwan policy access-list-counters
show sdwan policy access-list-names
show sdwan policy data policy filter
show sdwan policy from-vsmart
show sdwan policy from-vsmart lists


The options for the show sdwan policy commands are the same as for the equivalent vEdge router commands.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

The example output for the show sdwan policy commands is the same as for the equivalent vEdge router commands. Below is an example output for the show sdwan policy app-route-policy-filter command.

ISR4K# show sdwan policy app-route-policy-filter
app-route-policy-filter app_route_policy_pm9008
 app-route-policy-vpnlist all_vpns
  app-route-policy-counter count_appr_pm9008_1001
   packets 15126027
   bytes   15305251759
  app-route-policy-counter count_appr_pm9008_1002
   packets 10364400
   bytes   11151607158
  app-route-policy-counter count_appr_pm9008_1003
   packets 0
   bytes   0
  app-route-policy-counter count_appr_pm9008_1004
   packets 265882
   bytes   34997066

Release Information

Command introduced in XE SD-WAN Software Release 16.9.1.

Additional Information

show sdwan

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