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show ospf interface

show ospf interface—Display information about interfaces that are running OSPF (on vEdge routers only).

Command Syntax

show ospf interface [vpn vpn-id]
show ospf route vpn vpn-id [ip-address [interface-index [ospf-property] ] ]


List standard information about all interfaces that are running OSPF.
OSPF Interface
if-name interface-name
Display interface-specific OSPF information.
Specific OSPF Interface Information
vpn vpn-id ip-address [interface-index [ospf-property] ]
Display information about the OSPF interface in the specified VPN and with the specified IP address, and, optionally, for a specific interface index and a specific OSPF property on that interface. ospf-property can be one of the fields in the show ospf interface command output.
VPN-Specific Interfaces
vpn vpn-id
Display information about the OSPF interfaces in the specified VPN.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

vEdge# show ospf interface vpn 1 
ospf interface vpn 1 0
 if-name                     ge0/0
 mtu                         1500
 bandwidth                   0
 area-addr                   0
 mtu-mismatch                true
 if-type                     broadcast
 cost                        10
 delay                       1
 ospf-if-state               if-backup
 priority                    1
 members                     designated
 hello-timer                 10
 dead-interval               40
 retransmit-timer            5
 neighbor-count              1
 adj-neighbor-count          1
 hello-due-time              5
 oper-state                  true

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

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