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show orchestrator statistics

show orchestrator statistics—Display statistics about the packets that a vBond orchestrator has transmitted and received in the process of establishing and maintaining secure DTLS connections to Viptela devices in the overlay network (on vBond orchestrators only).

Command Syntax

show orchestrator statistics [counter-name]


Display statistics about handshaking packets sent and received by the vBond orchestrator as it establishes, maintains, and tears down DTLS connections to the Viptela deivces in the overlay network.
Statistics about a Specific Counter
Display the statistics for the specific counter. 

Output Fields

Rx Statistics
Statistics about received handshaking packets.
Tx Statistics
Statistics about transmitted handshaking packets..

Example Output

vBond# show orchestrator statistics 

Tx Statistics:
Packets                    3180
Octets                     357705
Error                      0
Blocked                    0
Connects                   1599
Registers                  0
Register Replies           1581

DTLS Handshake             0
DTLS Handshake Failures    0
DTLS Handshake Done        0

Challenge                  25
Challenge Response         0
Challenge Ack              25
Challenge Errors           0
Challenge Response Errors  0
Challenge Ack Errors       0
Challenge General Errors   0

Rx Statistics:
Packets                    48297
Octets                     2207567
Errors                     0
Connects                   0
Registers                  1581
Register Replies           0

DTLS Handshake             74
DTLS Handshake Failures    0
DTLS Handshake Done        25

Challenge                  0
Challenge Response         25
Challenge Ack              0
Challenge Failures         0

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

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