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show logging

show logging—Display the settings for logging syslog messages.

Command Syntax

show logging [logging-parameter]


Display all logging information.
Specific Logging Parameter
Display information for a specific logging parameter. logging-parameter can be disk_filename, disk_filerotate, disk_filesize, disk_priority, disk_status, host_name, host_priority, host_status, and host_vpn_id.

Output Fields

The output is self-explanatory.

Example Output

vEdge# show logging

System logging to  in vpn 0 is disabled
Priority for host logging is set to: info

System logging to disk is enabled
Priority for disk logging is set to:  info
File name for disk logging is set to:  /var/log/vsyslog
File size for disk logging is set to:  10 MB
File recycle count for disk logging is set to:  10

Syslog facility is set to: local7

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

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