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show ipv6 routes

show ipv6 routes—Display the IPv6 entries in the local  route table. On vSmart controllers, the route table incorporates forwarding information.

Command Syntax

show ipv6 routes [detail] [ipv6-address] [ipv6-prefix/length] [bgp​] [connected] [omp] [ospf] [static] [summary protocol protocol] [vpn vpn-id]
show ipv6 routes vpnvpn-id [detail] [ipv6-address] [ipv6-prefix/length] [bgp​] [connected] [omp] [ospf] [static]


List standard information about the entries in the local IPv6 route table.
Detailed Information
List detailed information about the entries in the local IPv6 route table.
IP Address or Route Prefix
prefix vpn vpn-id
List route information for the specified IPv6 route prefix. If you omit the prefix length, you must specify a VPN identifier so that the Viptela software can find the route that best matches the prefix.
Routes Learned from a Protocol
List routes learned from one or more specific protocols—bgp, connected, omp, ospf, and static. The protocol static includes both routes that are statically configured on the local device as well as routes learned from a DHCP server if one or more interfaces in VPN 0 are configured to learn their IP addresses via DHCP.
Summary of Routes Learned from a Protocol
summary protocol protocol
List summary information about the IP routes in the route table or about routes learned from the specified protocol. protocol can be bgp, connected, omp, ospf, or static.
VPN-Specific Routes
vpn vpn-id
List only the route table entries for the specified VPN.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

vEdge# show ipv6 routes
Codes Proto-sub-type:
  IA -> ospf-inter-area,
  E1 -> ospf-external1, E2 -> ospf-external2,
  N1 -> ospf-nssa-external1, N2 -> ospf-nssa-external2,
  e -> bgp-external, i -> bgp-internal
Codes Status flags:
  F -> fib, S -> selected, I -> inactive,
  B -> blackhole, R -> recursive
                                            PROTOCOL  NEXTHOP     NEXTHOP          NEXTHOP                                                   
VPN    PREFIX              PROTOCOL         SUB TYPE  IF NAME     ADDR             VPN      TLOC IP          COLOR            ENCAP  STATUS  
0      fd00::/16           connected        -         ge0/3       -                -        -                -                -      F,S     

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.3.

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