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show interface sfp diagnostic

show interface sfp diagnostic—Display SFP diagnostic information for fiber-based SFPs only (on vEdge routers only). This data is taken from bytes in the SFP A2 page, as described in SFF-8472. This section is not available for copper RJ45 SFPs.

The data for this output is stored in the A2 page of the SFP, and it contains minimum/maximum threshold parameters for laser transmitters and receivers, as well as dynamic run-time data values. This data page also might contain calibration data if the devices were externally calibrated. In this show command, the calibration data is used, if populated; however, it is not specifically be displayed.

Command Syntax

show interface sfp diagnostic [interface-name]


Display SFP diagnostic information for all interfaces in the router.
Interface Name
Display SFP diagnostic information for the specific interface.

Output Fields

The following information is displayed for SFP diagnostics. Measurement information is presented as floating-point data.

Threshold and measurement data are all floating point data and are specified for accuracy relative to the source data. Measurement units are included in the value label.

In addition to allowing current measurements to be display, each of the following measurements has associated flag status indicating whether the measurement is in or out of alarm or warning state. This data is sourced from A2.112-117 SFP data.

Based on options declared to be supported by the SFP, several bit-based statuses are included in the display output. These include items such as select, transmit disable state, and receive loss-of-signal state, and are from A2.110.

Measurement High
Optical laser temperature A2.44 to A2.45 A2.40 to A2.41 A2.46 to A2.47 A2.42 to A2.43 A2.106 to A2.107
Optical TEC current A2.52 to A2.53 A2.48 to A2.49 A2.54 to A2.55 A2.50 to A2.51 A2.108 to A2.109
Receive power A2.36 to A2.37 A2.32 to A2.33 A2.38 to A2.39 A2.34 to A2.35 A2.104 to A2.105
SFP temperature A2.4 to A2.5 A2.0 to A2.1 A2.6 to A2.7 A2.2 to A2.3 A2.96 to A2.97
Supply voltage A2.12 to A2.13 A2.8 to A2.9 A2.14 to A2.15 A2.10 to A2.11 A2.98 to A2.99
Transmit bias current A2.20 to A2.21 A2.16 to A2.17 A2.22 to A2.23 A2.18 to A2.19 A2.100 to A2.101

Example Output

For a 1-Gigabit Ethernet copper SFP:

vEdge-1000# show interface sfp diagnostic ge0/3
sfp diagnostic ge0/3
 Present               Yes
 Diagnostics supported Yes
 SFP control/status
  Data ready         Yes
  Rx LOS             Yes
  Tx fault           No
  Soft rate select 0 No
  Soft rate select 1 No
  Rate select 0      No
  Rate select 1      No
  Soft Tx disable    No
  Tx disable         Yes
                         LOW      LOW      HIGH     HIGH    CURRENT
Laser temperature  C     0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000   0.000
Rx power           mW    0.010    0.016    1.585    1.778   0.000
SFP temperature    C     -13.000  -8.000   73.000   78.000  32.023
Supply voltage     V     2.900    3.000    3.600    3.700   3.250
TEC current        mA    0.000    0.000    0.000    0.000   0.000
Tx bias current    mA    7.000    12.000   80.000   85.000  0.000
Tx power           mW    0.159    0.199    1.259    1.585   0.012

                   LOW    LOW      HIGH     HIGH
Laser temperature  N      N        N        N
Rx power           Y      Y        N        N
SFP temperature    N      N        N        N
Supply voltage     N      N        N        N
TEC current        N      N        N        N
Tx bias current    Y      Y        N        N
Tx power           Y      Y        N        N

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.1.

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