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show interface errors

show interface errors—Display error statistics for interfaces (on vEdge routers only).

Command Syntax

show interface errors [vpn vpn-id] [interface-name]


Display standard information about errors for each interface.
Specific Interface
Display error information for a specific interface.
vpn vpn-id
Display error information for interfaces in a specific VPN.

Output Fields

Following are explanations of some of the output fields:

  • fragment-df-drops—Packets dropped because their size is larger than the configure MTU, if the Don't Fragment bit is set.
  • ip-fwd-null-hop—Packets that could not be forwarded because the next-hop address was invalid or the next hop was unavailable.
  • ip-fwd-unknown-nh-type—Packets dropped because the next-hop type was unknown.
  • port-disabled-rx—Incoming packets dropped because the interface port is not enabled.
  • port-disabled-tx—Outgoing packets dropped because the interface port is not enabled.
  • route-lookup-fail—Number of packets that could not be forwarded because not route is present in the forwarding table (FIB).
  • rx-arp-cpu-rate-limit-drops—ARP reply packets dropped because the number of packets exceeded the CPU rate limit.
  • rx-arp-non-local-drop—Received ARP packets that do not match the destination IP address of any local IP address.
  • rx-arp-reply-drops—Totalf ARP reply packets dropped.
  • rx-dmac-filter-drops—Received packets that do not match the destination MAC address corresponding to the Layer 3 interface.
  • rx-implicit-acl-drops—Received packets dropped because of an implicit route policy (access list). Router tunnel interfaces also have implicit ACLs, which are also referred to as services. Some of these are present by default on the tunnel interface, and they are in effect unless you disable them. Through configuration, you can also enable other implicit ACLs. On vEdge routers, the following services are enabled by default: DHCP (for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6), DNS, and ICMP. You can also enable services for BGP, Netconf, NTP, OSPF, SSHD, and STUN. To enable the logging of the headers of packets dropped because they do not match a service configure with an allow-service command, configure policy implicit-acl-logging (on vEdge routers only).
  • rx-ip-errors—Received packets whose IP or Thernet header could not be parsed.
  • rx-ip-ttl-expired—Received IP packets whose time-to-live value expired.
  • rx-non-ip-drops—Received packets other than IP or ARP packets that the interface dropped.
  • rx-replay-integrity-drops—Received packets dropped because the IPsec packet arrive outside of the anti-replay window or because the integrity check performed by ESP or AH failed. To view the configured anti-replay window, use the show security-info command. To modify the anti-replay window size, use the security ipsec replay-window configuration command.
  • rx-wred-drops—Incoming packets dropped because of a RED drop profile associated with an interface queue. To configure a RED drop profile, use the drops option when configuring a QoS scheduler.
  • split-horizon-drops—BGP packets dropped as a result of split-horizon determination that the router was advertising a route back on the same interface from which it was learned.
  • tx-arp-request-fail—Packets that could not be transmitted because an ARP request for the MAC address corresponding to the destination IP address was unable to retrieve a MAC address.
  • tx-collision-drops—Packets dropped because the interface attempted to send packets at the same time.
  • tx-fragment-drops—Packets dropped because of issues related to fragmentation, such as when a fragment exceeds the MTU size when the DF bit is set and when issues occur in reassembling packets after fragmentation.
  • tx-fragment-needed—Packets requiring fragmentation because they are larger than the interface's MTU.

Example Output

vEdge# show interface errors
interface vpn 0 interface ge0/0
arp-add-fails           25
rx-arp-reply-drops      0
rx-arp-rate-limit-drops 2
tx-arp-rate-limit-drops 0
rx-arp-non-local-drops  183
tx-arp-request-fail     0
tx-no-arp-drops         1
rx-ip-ttl-expired       0
rx-ip-errors            0
interface-disabled      0
rx-policer-drops        0
rx-non-ip-drops         144
filter-drops            0
mirror-drops            0
cpu-policer-drops       0
split-horizon-drops     0
route-lookup-fail       0
bad-label               0
rx-dmac-filter-drops    44
rx-drop-pkts            0
rx-drop-octets          0
rx-wred-drops           0
rx-interface-not-found  0
rx-inb-errors           0
rx-oversize-errors      0
rx-fcs-align-errors     0
rx-undersize-errors     0
tx-underflow-pkts       0
tx-collision-drops      0

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

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