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show igmp summary

show igmp summary—Display information about the IGMP version and IGMP timers (on vEdge routers only).

Command Syntax

show igmp summary [igmp-property]


Display all IGMP version and timer information.
IGMP Properties
Display information for a specific IGMP property. group-property can be one of the following: last-member-query-count, last-member-query-response-time, querier-timeout, query-interval, query-response-time, and version. Note that these options correspond to the column heads in the output of the plain show igmp summary command.

Output Fields

Output Field


Last Member Query Count

How many group-specific query messages the router sends when it has receives a Leave Group message for a group before assuming that no members of the group remain on the interface. When no members appear to be present, the vEdge router removes the IGMP state for the group.

Last Member Query Response

How long the router waits, in seconds, to receive a response a group-specific query message. The default value is 1 second (1000 milliseconds). You cannot modify this value.

Other Querier Timeout

How long to wait for another IGMP querier to time out before assuming the role of querier. If IGMP on an interface or circuit detects another querier that has a lower IP than its own, it must become a non-querier on that network, and it starts watching for query messages from the querier. If the vEdge router has not received a query message from the querier in the Other Querier Timeout interval, it resumes the role of querier. The default other querier timeout value is 125 seconds. You cannot modify this value.

Query Interval

How often the router sends IGMP general query messages to solicit membership information. The default is 125 seconds. You cannot modify this value.

Query Response Interval

Maximum amount of time, in seconds, that the router waits to receive a response to a general query message. The default is 10 seconds. You cannot modify this value.


IGMP version. Currently, vEdge routers run only IGMPv2.

Example Output

vEdge# show igmp summary 
Version                    2
Query Interval             125 seconds
Query Response Interval    10 seconds
Last Member Query Response 1 seconds
Last Member Query Count    2
Other Querier Timeout      255 seconds

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.3.

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