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show control statistics

show control statistics—Display statistics about the packets that a vEdge router or vSmart controller has transmitted and received in the process of establishing and maintaining secure DTLS connections to Viptela devices in the overlay network (on vEdge routers and vSmart controllers only).

Command Syntax

show control statistics [counter-name]


Display statistics about all packets sent and received by the vEdge router or vSmart controller as it establishes and maintains DTLS tunnel connections to the Viptela devices in the overlay network.
Statistics about a Specific Counter
Display the statistics for the specific counter. For a list of counters, see the Example Output below.

Output Fields

Rx Statistics
Statistics about packets received.
Tx Statistics
Statistics about packets transmitted.

Example Output

vSmart# show control statistics
Tx Statistics:
packets                    51181
octets                     3836240
error                      0
blocked                    0
hello                      50894
connects                   0
registers                  283
register-replies           0

dtls-handshake             3
dtls-handshake-failures    0
dtls-handshake-done        3

challenge                  4
challenge-response         3
challenge-ack              4
challenge-errors           0
challenge-response-errors  0
challenge-ack-errors       0
challenge-general-errors   0
vmanage-to-peer            0
register_to_vmanage        1

Rx Statistics:
packets                    56725
octets                     4170626
errors                     0
hello                      50897
connects                   855
registers                  0
register-replies           283

dtls-handshake             15
dtls-handshake-failures    0
dtls-handshake-done        4

challenge                  3
challenge-response         4
challenge-ack              3
challenge-failures         0
vmanage-to-peer            1
register_to_vmanage        0

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

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