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show control affinity config

show control affinity config—Display configuration information about the control connections between the vEdge router and one or more vSmart controllers (on vEdge routers only).

Command Syntax

show control affinity config [index [parameter] ]


Display information about all control connections between the vEdge router and vSmart controllers
Information about a Specific Parameter
index [parameter]
Display configuration information about a specific parameter, starting with the index number of the control connection. parameter can be one of the following: affc-ccl (current controller group ID list), affc-ecl (effective controller group ID list), affc-equil (equilibrium status), affc-ervc (count of effective required vSmart controllers), and affc-interface (interface name).

Output Fields

Field Description
Current Controller List Actual affinity configuration for the interface. A check mark indicates that the current and effective controller lists match each other. An X indicates that they do not match.
Effective Controller List Which vSmart controller identifiers and how many control sessions are configured for the interface. You configure the affinity controller identifiers with a combination of the controller-group-list command (at the system level) and, for the tunnel interface, the exclude-controller-group-list command. You configure the maximum number of control sessions with the max-omp-sessions command (at the system level) and, for the tunnel interface, the max-control-connections command.
Effective Required vs. Count Number of actual control sessions compared to the number configured.
Equilibrium Whether the current controller lists matches what is expected from the affinity configuration for the tunnel interface, as reflected in the effective controller list.
Index Interface index.
Interface Name of a WAN transport interface in VPN 0.
Last-Resort Interface Whether the interface is configuration as a last-resort interface. You configure this with the last-resort-circuit command.

Example Output

vEdge# show control affinity config

EFFECTIVE CONTROLLER LIST FORMAT - G(C),...     - Where G is the Controller Group ID
                                                        C is the Required vSmart Count

CURRENT CONTROLLER LIST FORMAT   - G(c)s,...    - Where G is the Controller Group ID
                                                        c is the current vSmart count
                                                        s Status Y when matches, N when does not match
                REQUIRED                                                                   LAST-RESORT
0     ge0/2     2           1(1),  2(1)              1(1)Y,  2(1)Y             Yes         No

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.1.
In Release 16.2, display last-resort interface information.

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