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show bgp neighbor

show bgp neighbor—List the router's BGP neighbors (on vEdge routers only).

Command Syntax

show bgp neighbor [vpn vpn-id] [detail]
show bgp neighbor address-family [address-family-property] [detail]


List all BGP neighbors.
BGP Address Family Properties
address-family [address-family-property]
List information about a specific BGP address family property. address-family-property can be one of the following: accepted-prefix-count, afi, as-path-unchanged, def-originate-routemap, inbound-soft-reconfig, max-prefix-restart-interval, max-prefix-threshold-warning, max-prefix-warning-only, maximum-prefix-count, med-unchanged, nexthop-self, nexthop-unchanged, policy-in, policy-out, private-as, route-reflector-client, sent-community, and sent-def-originate.
Detailed Information
Show detailed information.
vpn vpn-id
List the entries in the ARP table for the specified VPN.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

vEdge# show bgp neighbor 

                      MSG   MSG   OUT                                                     AFI                
VPN  PEER ADDR    AS  RCVD  SENT  Q    UPTIME      STATE        LAST UPTIME               ID   AFI           
1  2   3796  3799  0    0:01:03:17  established  Thu Mar  3 09:33:24 2016  0    ipv4-unicast   

vEdge# show bgp neighbor detail 
bgp bgp-neighbor vpn 1
 as                  2
 local-as-num        1
 last-read           1
 keepalive           1
 holdtime            3
 cfg-keepalive       0
 cfg-holdtime        0
 adv-4byte-as-cap    true
 rec-4byte-as-cap    true
 adv-refresh-cap     true
 rec-refresh-cap     true
 rec-new-refresh-cap true
 msg-rcvd            3853
 msg-sent            3856
 prefix-rcvd         1
 prefix-valid        1
 prefix-installed    1
 outQ                0
 uptime              0:01:04:14
 state               established
 open-in-count       0
 open-out-count      1
 notify-in-count     0
 notify-out-count    0
 update-in-count     2
 update-out-count    2
 keepalive-in-count  3851
 keepalive-out-count 3852
 refresh-in-count    0
 refresh-out-count   1
 dynamic-in-count    0
 dynamic-out-count   0
 adv-interval        1
 conn-established    1
 conn-dropped        0
 local-port          179
 remote-port         58647
 read-thread-on      true
 password            d5a2***d0
 last-uptime         "Thu Mar  3 09:33:24 2016"

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

Additional Information

show bgp routes
show bgp summary

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