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show app dpi supported-applications

show app dpi supported-applications—List all the application-aware applications supported by the Viptela software on the vEdge router (on vEdge routers only) .

Command Syntax

show app dpi supported-applications
show app dpi supported-applications | tab


List the application name and its family.
Pipe Output To Tabular Format
List full information about the application, including its shortened and long name, family shortened and long name, and application identifier number.

Output Fields

vEdge routers support approximately 2300 applications. The output of this command lists the applications first by the length of the application name, and then alphabetically within that grouping. To limit the search, type the first letter or the first several letters of the application name, followed by a ?.

Example Output

Display abbreviated application information:

vEdge# show app dpi supported-applications

APPLICATION                FAMILY                     
ah                         network_service            
dr                         web                        
dv                         web                        
hs                         web                        
il                         network_service            
ip                         network_service            
ja                         web                        
mk                         web                        
mq                         application_service        
mt                         web                        
nu                         web                        
pp                         network_service            
qq                         instant_messaging          
rt                         web                        
sm                         network_service            
sp                         network_service            
ss                         web                        
st                         network_service            
ts                         web                        
tu                         audio_video                
tv                         web 
unassigned_ip_prot_251     network_service            
unassigned_ip_prot_252     network_service            
the_simpsons_tapped_out    game                       
wallstreetjournal_china    web

vEdge# show app dpi supported-applications bi?

APPLICATION             FAMILY         
biip                    Web            
bild                    Web            
bing                    Web            
bits                    File Transfer  
bithq                   Peer to Peer   
bitme                   Peer to Peer   
bigeye                  Web            
bikhir                  Web            
bigadda                 Web            
bigtent                 Web            
bitcoin                 Peer to Peer   
bitlord                 Peer to Peer   
bitmetv                 Peer to Peer   
bitsoup                 Peer to Peer   
bidorbuy                Web            
bitenova                Peer to Peer   
bitshock                Peer to Peer   
bitworld                Peer to Peer   
bigupload               Web            
bitseduce               Peer to Peer   
bitstrips               Game           
biglobe_ne              Web            
bittorrent              Peer to Peer   
bitvaulttorrent         Peer to Peer   
bitdefender_update      Web            
bittorrent_application  Peer to Peer   

Display full application information:

vEdge# show app dpi supported-applications | tab
APPLICATION  FAMILY               APPLICATION LONG NAME                    FAMILY LONG NAME     ID                   
ah           network_service      Authentication Header                    Network Service      720                  
dr           web                                            Web                  2043                 
dv           web                                            Web                  1861                 
hs           web         (Helsingin Sanomat)                Web                  2097                 
il           network_service      Internet Link (Transport protocol)       Network Service      637                  
ip           network_service      Internet Protocol                        Network Service      81                   
ja           web                                            Web                  1897                 
mk           web                                         Web                  1213                 
mq           application_service  IBM Websphere MQ                         Application Service  312                  
mt           web                  mt                                       Web                  1214                 
nu           web                                            Web                  2119                 
pp           network_service      ISO 8823 Presentation Protocol           Network Service      938                  
qq           instant_messaging    QQ                                       Instant Messaging    156                  
rt           web                                           Web                  2064                 
sm           network_service      Sparse Mode                              Network Service      678                  
sp           network_service      ISO 8327 Session Protocol                Network Service      937                  
ss           web                                            Web                  1943                 
st           network_service      Stream protocol                          Network Service      685                  
ts           web                  Ts                                       Web                  2427                 
tu           audio_video                                    Audio/Video          1060                 
tv           web                                           Web                  1062                 
vg           web                                            Web                  2076                 
wp           web                                            Web                  2078                 
xl           web                  Xl                                       Web                  2190                 
y8           web                                           Web                  1758                 
yr           web                  Yr                                       Web                  2579                 
17u          web                                          Web                  1341                 
24h          web                                       Web                  1820                 
2ch          web                                          Web                  1316                 
3pc          network_service      Third Party Connect                      Network Service      606                  
abc          peer_to_peer         ABC Bittorrent client                    Peer to Peer         1690                 
abv          web                                           Web                  1826                 
adc          peer_to_peer         Advanced Direct Connect                  Peer to Peer         1438                 
adf          web                                           Web                  2824                 
adp          web                  Automatic Data Processing (ADP)          Web                  3275                 
afl          web                  AFL                                      Web                  2538                 
afp          file_server          Apple Filing Protocol                    File Server          2645                 
aib          web                  Aib                                      Web                  2185                 
aim          instant_messaging    AOL Instant Messenger (formerly OSCAR)   Instant Messaging    8                    

vEdge# show app dpi supported-applications m* | tab                                                                                                                                                                                         
APPLICATION  FAMILY               APPLICATION LONG NAME                        FAMILY LONG NAME     ID               
mk           web                                             Web                  1213             
mq           application_service  IBM Websphere MQ                             Application Service  312              
mt           web                  mt                                           Web                  1214             
mbc          web                  MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corp)               Web                  1231             
mbl          web                                               Web                  2110             
mbn          web                                            Web                  1212             
mcs          network_service      Multipoint Communication Service             Network Service      112              
mms          audio_video          Microsoft Multimedia Streaming               Audio/Video          115              
mog          audio_video                                      Audio/Video          447              
mop          web                                              Web                  1276             
msn          instant_messaging    MSN Messenger                                Instant Messaging    120              
mtn          web                  MTN Group                                    Web                  3023             
mtp          network_service      Multicast Transport Protocol                 Network Service      656              
mtv          web                  MTV                                          Web                  1021             
mux          network_service      Multiplexing                                 Network Service      657              
m2pa         network_service      MTP2 User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer      Network Service      1304             
m2ua         network_service      MTP2 User Adaptation Layer                   Network Service      1302             
m3ua         network_service      MTP3 User Adaptation Layer                   Network Service      1301             
mako         web                                           Web                  2107             
mana         web                                              Web                  1919             
manx         web                  Manx Telecom                                 Web                  2874             
mapi         mail                 MS Exchange Message API                      Mail                 110              
mapy         web                  Mapy                                         Web                  2367             
mebc         web                  Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC Group)  Web                  2902             
mega         web                  MEGA                                         Web                  1299             
mgcp         audio_video          Media Gateway Control Protocol               Audio/Video          113              
mgid         web                  MGID                                         Web                  3203             
micp         network_service      Mobile Internetworking Control Protocol      Network Service      724              
mimp         webmail              IMP mobile version                           Webmail              326              
miro         peer_to_peer         Miro (                           Peer to Peer         1548             
mixi         web                                              Web                  444              
mmse         wap                  MultiMedia Messages Encapsulation            Wap                  116              
moat         web                  Moat                                         Web                  2704             
moov         web                                              Web                  1922             
mpls         routing              Multiprotocol Packet Label Switching         Routing              119              
mqtt         middleware           MQ Telemetry Transport                       Middleware           2900             
msrp         audio_video          Message Session Relay Protocol               Audio/Video          919              
mubi         audio_video          Mubi                                         Audio/Video          2412             
mute         peer_to_peer         Mute                                         Peer to Peer         124              

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.2.

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