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show app dpi supported-applications

show app dpi supported-applications—List all the application-aware applications supported by the Viptela software on the vEdge router (on vEdge routers only) .

Command Syntax

show app dpi supported-applications



Output Fields

vEdge routers support approximately 2300 applications. The output of this command lists the applications first by the length of the application name, and then alphabetically within that grouping. To limit the search, type the first letter or the first several letters of the application name, followed by a ?.

Example Output

vEdge# show app dpi supported-applications

APPLICATION                FAMILY                     
ah                         network_service            
dr                         web                        
dv                         web                        
hs                         web                        
il                         network_service            
ip                         network_service            
ja                         web                        
mk                         web                        
mq                         application_service        
mt                         web                        
nu                         web                        
pp                         network_service            
qq                         instant_messaging          
rt                         web                        
sm                         network_service            
sp                         network_service            
ss                         web                        
st                         network_service            
ts                         web                        
tu                         audio_video                
tv                         web 
unassigned_ip_prot_251     network_service            
unassigned_ip_prot_252     network_service            
the_simpsons_tapped_out    game                       
wallstreetjournal_china    web

vEdge# show app dpi supported-applications bi?

APPLICATION             FAMILY         
biip                    Web            
bild                    Web            
bing                    Web            
bits                    File Transfer  
bithq                   Peer to Peer   
bitme                   Peer to Peer   
bigeye                  Web            
bikhir                  Web            
bigadda                 Web            
bigtent                 Web            
bitcoin                 Peer to Peer   
bitlord                 Peer to Peer   
bitmetv                 Peer to Peer   
bitsoup                 Peer to Peer   
bidorbuy                Web            
bitenova                Peer to Peer   
bitshock                Peer to Peer   
bitworld                Peer to Peer   
bigupload               Web            
bitseduce               Peer to Peer   
bitstrips               Game           
biglobe_ne              Web            
bittorrent              Peer to Peer   
bitvaulttorrent         Peer to Peer   
bitdefender_update      Web            
bittorrent_application  Peer to Peer   

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.2.

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