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request software secure-boot

request software secure-boot—Check and enforce the secure boot state of the system software images and, for vEdge hardware routers, of the boot loader.

Command Syntax

request software secure-boot list
request software secure-boot set
request software secure-boot status


Check Secure Boot State
Check whether software images on the device are secure or not secure.
Remove Insecure Software Images
Remove insecure software images from the device and, for vEdge hardware routers, remove an insecure boot loader.
Display Security Status
Display the security status of the software images installed on the device.

Output Fields


Example Output

vEdge# request software secure-boot list
Secure-image check found no insecure software versions
vEdge# request software secure-boot status
Secure-image status: HIGH

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 18.3.1.

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