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request nms messaging-server

request nms messaging-server—Start, stop, and perform other operations on the local vManage messaging server (on vManage NMSs only). The vManage coordination and messaging server work together to distribute messages and share state among all the vManage NMSs in a vManage cluster.

Command Syntax

request nms messaging-server (diagnostics | jcmd option | restart | start | status | stop)


Determine the Status of the Messaging Server
Determine the status of the local messaging server.
Display Java Process Information
jcmd option
Display information from Java processes running on the messaging server. option can be one of the following:
gc-class-histo—Histogram of the Java garbage collector. Garbage collection identifies which objects are being used in heap memory.
gc-class-stats—Statistics of the Java garbage collector.
thread-print—Information about the Java threads running on the vManage web server.
vm-cmd—Java virtual machine commands on the vManage web server.
vm-flags—Java virtual machine flags on the vManage web server.
vm-sys-props—Java virtual machine system properties on the vManage web server.
vm-uptime—Java virtual machine uptime on the vManage web server.
vm-ver—Java virtual machine version on the vManage web server.
Restart the Messaging Server
Restart the local messaging server.
Run Diagnostics on the Message Server
Run diagnostics on the local vManage message server.
Start the Messaging Server
Start the local messaging server.
Stop the Messaging Server
Stop the local messaging server.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

Perform various operations on local vManage messaging server:

vManage# request nms messaging-server status
NMS messaging server
    Enabled: true
    Status:  running PID:22267 for 13679s

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.1.
In Release 16.2.3, add diagnostics option.

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