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request execute

request execute—Execute a shell command from within the Viptela CLI.

Command Syntax

request execute [vpn vpn-id] command (in Releases 15.4 and later)
request execute [vpn vpn-id] "command" (in Releases 15.3 and earlier)


Command Name
Run the specified command in the UNIX shell while still remaining in the Viptela CLI. In Releases 15.3 and earlier, you must enclose the command within quotation marks.
vpn vpn-id
Specific the VPN in which to execute the command. The default vpn-id is VPN 0.

Output Fields

The output fields depend on the command you execute.

Example Output

vSmart# request execute ls
Execute command in vpn 0 - ls
cacert.pem  vsmart-signed-cert-vm9.pem    vsmart-vm9.csr 

Viptela# request execute vpn 512 ssh admin@

To open an SSH connection from a vManage NMS to an IOS XE router, you must specify the port number, which is 830:

vManage# request execute vpn 0 ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
vManage# request execute vpn 0 ssh -p 830
admin@'s password:

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.
Starting in Releae 15.4, enclosing the shell command in quotation marks is no longer necessary.

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