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commit—Confirm or abort a pending commit operation. You issue this commit command from operational mode. You establish a pending commit operation by using the commit confirmed configuration session management command.

Command Syntax

commit (abort | confirm) [persist-id id]


Confirm a Pending Commit Operation
Confirm a pending commit operation that was issued with the commit confirmed configuration command. You must confirm the commit operation with the time specified with the commit confirmed command; otherwise, the commit aborts.
Halt a Pending Commit Operation
Halt a pending commit operation that was issued with the commit confirmed command. This is the default operation for a pending commit operation. The commit is also aborted if the CLI session is terminated before you issue a commit confirm command.
Token to Identify the Pending Commit Operation
persist-id id
If you specified a token when you initiated the pending commit operation, specify that token to either abort or confirm the commit.

Output Fields

The output is self-explanatory.

Example Output

vEdge# commit confirm
Commit complete. Configuration is now permanent.

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.

Additional Information

commit (configuration session management command)
show configuration commit list

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