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clear crash

clear crash—Delete the core files on the local device. Core files are saved in the /var/crash directory on the local device.

Command Syntax

clear crash number


Clear all core and information files on the device.
Specific Core File
Clear the specific core file. number is the index number listed in the show crash output.

Output Fields


Example Output

vSmart# show crash 

INDEX  CORE TIME                 CORE FILENAME                    
0      Tue Sep  2 17:13:43 2014  core.ompd.866.vsmart.1409703222  

vSmart# clear crash
Are you sure you want to clear core and info files? [yes, NO]
vSmart# yes
vSmart# show crash
% No entries found.

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.2.

Additional Information

file list
file show
show crash

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