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clear app dpi flows

clear app dpi flows—Clear specific DPI flows in a particular VPN on the vEdge router (on vEdge routers only).

Command Syntax

clear app dpi flows vpn vpn-id [destination-prefix prefix/length] [destination-port number] [ip-protocol protocol] [source-prefix prefix/length] [src-port number]


IP Prefix
destination-prefix prefix/length
source-prefix prefix/length
Destination or source IP prefix of the flow.
Port Number
destination-port number
source-port number
Destination or source port number of the flow.
ip-protocol protocol
IP protocol associated with the flow.
vpn vpn-id
VPN in which the flow participates.

Output Fields

The output fields are self-explanatory.

Example Output

vEdge# show app dpi flows

                                   Source  Dest                                                                        
VPN  SRC IP         DST IP         Port    Port   PROTOCOL  APPLICATION  FAMILY             ACTIVE SINCE               
1   20581   443    udp       unknown      Standard           2015-05-04T14:07:46+00:00  
1  55742   5228   tcp       gtalk        Instant Messaging  2015-05-03T21:06:57+00:00  
1   36597   443    tcp       google       Web                2015-05-04T14:12:43+00:00  
1   36598   443    tcp       google       Web                2015-05-04T14:12:45+00:00  
1   63665   53     udp       dns          Network Service    2015-05-04T14:14:40+00:00  
1  40616   443    tcp       https        Web                2015-05-04T14:12:02+00:00  
1  45889   443    tcp       https        Web                2015-05-04T14:14:40+00:00  
1  45903   443    tcp       https        Web                2015-05-04T14:14:40+00:00  
1  10000   10000  udp       sip          Audio/Video        2015-05-03T08:22:51+00:00  
1       51586   22     tcp       ssh          Encrypted          2015-05-04T13:28:03+00:00 

vEdge# clear app dpi flows vpn 1
vEdge# show app dpi flows
% No entries found.

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.2.

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