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Overview of Operational Commands

The articles on this page describe the CLI commands that you use to display the properties and operational status of vSmart controllers, vEdge routers, and vBond orchestrators in the overlay network. When you log in to the CLI on a Viptela device, you are in operational mode.

In the CLI, operational commands are organized alphabetically, and many commands are organized into functional hierarchies. The top-level operational commands and command hierarchies are:

  • clear—Zero or erase information stored on the device or collected data.
  • clock—Set the time.
  • commit—Confirm a pending commit operation.
  • complete-on-space—Enable the ability to type a space to have the CLI complete unambiguous commands.
  • config—Enter configuration mode.
  • exit—Configure basic system parameters.
  • file—Configure the properties of a VPN, including the interfaces that participate in the VPN and the routing protocols that are enabled in the VPN.
  • help—Display help information about CLI commands.
  • history—Control the CLI command history cache.
  • idle-timeout—Set how long a CLI session can be idle before the user is logged out.
  • logout—Exit from the CLI session.
  • no—Negate or cancel a command.
  • nslookup—Perform a DNS name lookup.
  • paginate—Set the number of lines of command output to display. 
  • ping—Ping a network device.
  • poweroff—Power down the device.
  • prompt1—Set the operational mode prompt.
  • prompt2—Set the configuration mode prompt.
  • pwd—Display the current path mode.
  • quit—Exit from the CLI session.
  • reboot—Reboot the device.
  • request—Install various files onto the device.
  • screen-length—Set the CLI screen length.
  • screen-width—Set the CLI screen width.
  • show—Display information about the status of the device or information stored on the device.
  • tcpdump—Perform a TCP dump operation.
  • timestamp—Enable timestamping.
  • traceroute—Perform a traceroute operation.
  • vshell—Exit to the shell on the device.

To filter operational command output, use the filters described in Command Filters for CLI Operational Commands.

​​The articles in this section describe each of the operational commands. The articles are arranged alphabetically, by command name. 

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