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wlan—Configure a wireless WAN (WLAN) (on vEdge cellular wireless routers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge cellular wireless routers only:

Configuration ► Templates ► WiFi Radio
Configuration ► Templates ► WiFi SSID

Command Hierarchy

wlan radio-band
  channel channel
  channel-bandwidth megahertz
  country country
  guard-interval nanoseconds
  interface vapnumber
    data-security security 
    description text
    max-clients number 
    mgmt-security security
    radius-servers tag
    [no] shutdown
    ssid ssid
    wpa-personal-key password


WLAN Frequency
Select the radio band for the WLAN channel to use:
2.4GHz—Supports 13 channels that are spaced 5 MHz apart; channel 14 is not supported. This radio band supports IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n clients.
5GHz—For this channel, allowable channels, allowed users, and maximum power level with the frequency ranges are country-specific. This radio band supports IEEE 802.11a, 802.11n, and 802.11ac clients.
The allowable channels and the maximum transmission power for these channels are country specific.


Configure a 5-GHz WLAN channel:

vEdge# show running-config wlan
wlan 5GHz
 channel 36
 interface vap0
  ssid     tb31_pm6_5ghz_vap0
  no shutdown
 interface vap1
  ssid           tb31_pm6_5ghz_vap1
  data-security  wpa/wpa2-enterprise
  radius-servers tag1
  no shutdown
 interface vap2
  ssid             tb31_pm6_5ghz_vap2
  data-security    wpa/wpa2-personal
  mgmt-security    optional
  wpa-personal-key $4$BES+IEZB2vcQpeEoSR4ia9JqgDsPNoHukAb8fvxAg5I=
  no shutdown
 interface vap3
  ssid           tb31_pm6_5ghz_vap3
  data-security  wpa2-enterprise
  mgmt-security  optional
  radius-servers tag1
  no shutdown

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.3.​

Additional Information

See the Configuring IEEE 802.1X and IEEE 802.11i Authentication and Configuring WLAN Interfaces article for your software release.

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