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system upgrade-confirm—Configure the time limit for confirming that a software upgrade is successful. It is recommended that you configure this on all Viptela devices.

By default, software upgrade confirmation is not enabled. When you enable the confirmation, the device waits for the amount of time you configure. If the device does not come up within that time, the device reverts to the previous image. 

After you issue the request software install reboot command to upgrade the software and then log in to the device after the reboot completes, enter the request software upgrade-confirm command within the configured time limit to confirm that the software upgrade is successful. If you do not, the system automatically reverts to the previous software image.

vManage Feature Template


Command Hierarchy

  upgrade-confirm minutes


Time To Wait for Confirmation
How long to wait for a request software upgrade-confirm command to be issued before reverting to the previous software image if a software upgrade fails.
Range: 5 through 60 minutes
Default: None


Set the upgrade confirmation time to 5 minutes. After a software upgrade, when the system reboots and restarts, if you do not issue a request software upgrade-confirm command within 5 minutes (either from the CLI or from the vManage NMS), the system automatically reverts to the software image that was running before the upgrade.


Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.1.
Support for vBond orchestrator, vManage NMS, and vSmart controller added in Release 15.2.

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