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trap target

snmp trap target—Configure the target SNMP server to receive the SNMP traps generated by this device.

For each trap generated by a Viptela device, the device also generates a notification message. Use the show notification stream viptela command to display these messages.

vManage Feature Template

For all Viptela devices:

Configuration ► Templates ► SNMP

Command Hierarchy

    target vpn vpn-id ipv4-address udp-port
      community-name community-name
      group-name name
      source-interface interface-name


Community Name
community-name community-name
Name of an SNMP community configured with the community command.
Group Name
group group-name
Name of a trap group configured with the trap group command.
Interface To Reach Target
source-interface interface-name
Interface to use to send traps to the SNMP server that is receiving the trap information. This interface cannot be a subinterface.
Trap Target
vpn vpn-id ipv4-address udp-port
Location of the SNMP server to receive the trap information. You must specify the following:
vpn vpn-id—Number of the VPN to use to reach to the SNMP server. It can be a value from 0 through 65530.
ipv4-address—IPv4 address of the SNMP server.
udp-port—UDP port number to connect to on the SNMP server. The number can be a value from 1 through 65535.

Operational Commands

show running-config snmp


Configure trap groups and associate them with SNMP trap servers:

vEdge# show running-config snmp 
 no shutdown
 view v2
 community private
  view          v2
  authorization read-only
 trap target vpn 0 162
  group-name     test
  community-name private
  source-interface eth0
 trap target vpn 0 16662
  group-name     test
  community-name private
  source-interface eht0
 trap group test
   level critical major minor

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.2.
In Release 16.2, add source-interface option.

Additional Information

See the Configuring SNMP article for your software release.
show notification stream viptela
trap group

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