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omp timers—Configure OMP timers on vEdge routers and vSmart controllers.

When you change an OMP timer on a device, the BFD sessions on that device go down and then come back up.

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers and vSmart controllers only:

Configuration ► Templates ► OMP

Command Hierarchy

    advertisement-interval seconds
    eor-timer seconds
    graceful-restart-timer seconds
    holdtime seconds


End-of-RIB Timer
eor-timer seconds
How long to wait after an OMP session has gone down and then come back up to send an end-of-RIB (EOR) marker. After this marker is sent, any routes that were not refreshed after the OMP session came back up are considered to be stale and are deleted from the route table.
Range: 1 through 3600 seconds (1 hour)
Default: 300 seconds (5 minutes)
Graceful Restart Timer
graceful-restart-timer seconds
How often the OMP information cache is flushed and refreshed. To disable OMP graceful restart, use the no omp graceful-restart command.
Range: 1 through 604800 seconds (168 hours, or 7 days)
Default: 43200 seconds (12 hours)
Holdtime Interval
holdtime seconds
How long to wait before closing the OMP connection to a peer. If the peer does not receive three consecutive keepalive messages within the specified hold time, the OMP connection to the peer is closed. (Note that the keepalive timer is one-third the hold time and is not configurable.) If the local device and the peer have different hold time intervals, the higher value is used. If you set the hold time to 0, the keepalive and hold timers on the local device and the peer are set to 0. The hold time must be at least two times the hello tolerance interval set on the WAN tunnel interface in VPN 0. To configure the hello tolerance interval, use the hello-tolerance command.
Range: 0 through 65535 seconds
Default: 60 seconds
Update Advertisement Interval
advertisement-interval seconds
Configure the amount of time between OMP Update packets.
Range: 0 through 65535 seconds
Default: 1 second

Operational Commands

show omp summary


Modify the default OMP timers:

vEdge(config-timers)# show config
  holdtime               20
  advertisement-interval 2

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​
In Release 14.2, remove keepalive option; change default hold-time interval from 15 to 60 seconds; add graceful-restart-timer command.
In Release 15.3, change maximum graceful restart timer value to 12 hours.
In Release 15.3.5, change default graceful restart timer value to 12 hours, and change maximum graceful restart timer value to 7 days.
In Release 16.2, add eor-timer command.

Additional Information

See the Configuring OMP article for your software release.

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