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vpn router ospf area range—Summarize OSPF routes at an area boundary so that only a single summary route is advertised to other areas by an ABR (on vEdge routers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers only:

Configuration ► Templates ► OSPF

Command Hierarchy

vpn vpn-id
    ospfarea number
        range prefix/length
          cost number


Address Range
IP address and subnet mask of the IP addresses to be consolidated and advertised.
Cost for the Summary Routes
cost number
Metric for the Type 3 summary LSA. OSPF uses this metric during its SPF calculation to determine the shortest path to a destination.
Range: 0 through 16777215
Do Not Advertise Type 3 Summary LSAs
Do not advertise the Type 3 Summary LSAs.

Operational Commands

show ospf process

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​

Additional Information

See the Routing CLI Reference article for your software release.

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