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vpn router ospf area nssa—Configure an OSPF area to be an NSSA (a not-so-stubby area) (on vEdge routers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers only:

Configuration ► Templates ► OSPF

Command Hierarchy

vpn vpn-id
area number
          ​translate (always | candidate | never)


LSA Translation
translate (always | candidate | never)
Allow vEdge routers that are ABRs (area border routers) to translate Type 7 LSAs to Type 5 LSAs. Type 7 LSAs carry external route information within an NSSA, and with the exception of the link-state type, they have the same syntax as Type 5 LSAs, which are OSPF external LSAs.
Type 7 LSAs originate in and are advertised throughout an NSSA; NSSAs do not receive or originate Type 5 LSAs. Type 7 LSAs are advertised only within a single NSSA and are not flooded into the backbone area or into any other area by ABRs. The information that Type 7 LSAs contain can be propagated into other areas if the LSAs are translated into ​Type 5 LSAs, which can then be flooded to all Type 5-capable areas. Because NSSAs do not receive full routing information and must have a default route to route to AS-external destinations, an NSSA ABR can originate a default Type 7 LSA (IP address of into the NSSA. The default route originated by an NSSA ABR is never translated into a Type 5 LSA. However, a default route originated by an NSSA internal AS boundary router (a router that is not also an ABR) may be translated into a Type 5 LSA.
always—The router always acts as the translator for Type 7 LSAs. That is, no other router, even if it is an ABR, can be the translator. If two ABRs are configured to always be the translator, only one of them actually ends up doing the translation.
candidate—The router offers translation services, but does not insist on being the translator.
never—Translate no Type 7 LSAs.
Summary Routes
Do not inject OSPF summary routes into the NSSA.

Operational Commands

show ospf process


Configure area 1 to be an NSSA:

vm1# show running-config vpn 1 router ospf
vpn 1
   redistribute static
   redistribute omp
   area 0
    interface ge0/0
   area 1

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​

Additional Information

See the Routing CLI Reference article for your software release.
RFC 1587, "OSPF NSSA Option."

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