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vpn 0 interface tunnel-interface low-bandwidth-link—Characterize the tunnel interface as a low-bandwidth link (on vEdge routers only). This configuration command is relevant only for a spoke vEdge router in a hub-and-spoke deployment scenario, where the spoke has a low-bandwidth link, such as an LTE link. You include this configuration command only on the spoke router, to minimize traffic sent between the hub and the spoke.

Setting a tunnel as a low-bandwidth link minimizes how often control traffic is sent over the link while ensuring that critical information, such as routing updates, are propagated in a timely fashion among vEdge routers. Also, on such links, application-aware routing data is collected only when user data is transmitted from the LAN to the WAN, to reduce BFD traffic on the link.

For vEdge routers with LTE modems, low-bandwidth-link is enabled by default. For other routers, this option is disabled by default.

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers only:

Configuration ► Templates ► VPN Interface Cellular (for vEdge cellular wireless routers only)
Configuration ► Templates ► VPN Interface Ethernet
Configuration ► Templates ► VPN Interface PPP

Command Hierarchy

vpn 0
  interface interface-name
      [no] low-bandwidth-link



Operational Commands

show control local-properties | display xml | include low


Configure a tunnel interface for an LTE interface to be a low-bandwidth link:

vpn 0
 interface ge0/0
  ip address
   color lte
  no shutdown

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.3.

Additional Information

See the Configuring Cellular Interfaces article for your software release.

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