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logging server

system logging server—Log event notification syslog messages to a remote host. By default, syslog messages are also always logged to the local hard disk. To disable local logging, use the no system logging disk enable command.

vManage Feature Template

For all Viptela devices:

Configuration ► Templates ► Logging

Command Hierarchy

    ​server (dns-name | hostname | ip-address)
      priority priority
      source-interface interface-name
      vpn vpn-id


Interface for System Log Messages To Use
source-interface interface-name
Configure outgoing system log messages to use a specific interface. The interface name can be a physical interface or a subinterface (a VLAN-tagged interface). The interface must be located in the same VPN as the syslog server. Otherwise, the configuration is ignored. If you configure multiple syslog servers, the source interface must be the same for all of them.
Message Priority
priority priority
Severity of the syslog message to save. The severity indicates the seriousness of the event that generated the message. priority can be one of the following:
emergency—System is unusable (corresponds to syslog severity 0).
alert—Action must be taken immediately (corresponds to syslog severity 1).
critical—A critical condition (corresponds to syslog severity 2).
error—An error condition that does not fully impair system usability (corresponds to syslog severity 3).
warn—A warning condition (corresponds to syslog severity 4).
notice—A normal, but significant condition (corresponds to syslog severity 5).
information—Routine condition (the default) (corresponds to syslog severity 6).
Server Name
name (dns-name | host-name | ip-address)
DNS name, hostname, or IP address of the system on which to store syslog messages. You can configure multiple syslog servers.
vpn vpn-id
VPN in which the syslog server is located or through which the syslog server can be reached.
Range: 0 through 65530
Default: VPN 0

Operational Commands

show logging—Display the system logging parameters that are in effect.

In Releases 15.3 and earlier, each syslog message generated by the Viptela software has this format:

%Viptela - module - level - MessageID: text-of-syslog-message

In Releases 15.4 and later, each syslog message has the following format:

facility.source date - source - module - MessageID: text-of-syslog-message


Configure two syslog servers, one that receives all emergency (severity 0) messages and a second that receives all messages at severity 4 (warn) and lower:

vEdge(config-logging)# show full-configuration 
   vpn      1
   priority emergency
   vpn      1
   priority warn

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​
Support for multiple syslog servers added in Release 15.2.7.
source-interface command added in Release 15.4.

Additional Information

logging disk

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