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policy log-frequency—Configure how often packet flows are logged (on vEdge routers only). Packet flows are those that match an access list (ACL), a cflowd flow, or an application-aware routing (DPI) flow.

vManage Feature Template 

For vEdge routers:

Configuration ► Policies ► Localized Policy ► Add Policy ► Policy Overview ► Log Frequency field

Command Hierarchy

  log-frequency number


Logging Frequency
How often packet flows are logged.
Range: Any integer value. While you can configure any integer value for the frequency, the software rounds the value down to the nearest power of 2.
Default: 1000. With this default, the logging frequency is rounded down to 512. So, by default, every 512th packet is logged.


Configure packet flow logging to log every 16 packets. Note that the configured logging frequency value of 20 is rounded down to 16, which is the nearest power of 2. With this configuration, every sixteenth packet is logged.

vEdge# show running-config policy log-frequency 
 log-frequency 20

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.3.​

Additional Information

See the Application-Aware Routing and Configuring Localized Data Policy articles for your software release.

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