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interface irb

vpn interface irb—Configure an interface to use for integrated routing and bridging (IRB) (on vEdge routers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers:

Configuration ► Templates ► VPN Interface Bridge

Command Hierarchy

vpn vpn-id 
  interface irbnumber    
    access-list acl-list
      ip ip-address mac mac-address    
    arp-timeout seconds
    description text
    dhcp-helper ip-address
      address-pool prefix/length
      exclude ip-address
      lease-time seconds
      max-leases number
      offer-time minutes
        default-gateway ip-address
        dns-servers ip-address
        domain-name domain-name
        interface-mtu mtu
        tftp-servers ip-address
      static-lease mac-address ip ip-address host-name hostname
    (ip address prefix/length | ip dhcp-client [dhcp-distance number])
    ip address-list prefix/length (on vSmart containers only)
    mac-address mac-address    
    mtu bytes
    [no] shutdown
    static-ingress-qos number
    tcp-mss-adjust bytes
    vrrp group-name
      priority number
      timer seconds


Interface Name
Name of the interface. number can from 1 through 63, and it must be the same number as the the identifier of the bridging domain that the IRB is connected to, as configured with the bridge command.

Operational Commands

show interface


Configure two IRB interfaces:

vEdge# show running-config vpn 1
vpn 1
interface ge0/4
  ip address
  no shutdown
interface irb1
  ip address
  no shutdown
  access-list IRB_ICMP in
  access-list IRB_ICMP out
interface irb50
  ip address
  no shutdown
vEdge# show running-config vpn 2
vpn 2
interface irb2
  ip address
  no shutdown

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 15.3.

Additional Information

See the Configuring Bridging and IRB article for your software release.

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