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vpn interface ipsec ike—Configure the Internet Key (IKE) protocol parameters for an IPsec tunnel (on vEdge routers only). The Viptela software supports IKE version 1, as defined in RFC 2409, The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and IKE version 2, as defined in RFC 7296, Internet Key Exchange Protocol, Version 2 (IKE v2).

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers only:

Configuration ► Templates ► VPN Interface IPsec

Command Hierarchy

vpn vpn-id
  interface ipsecnumber
      authentication-type type
        local-id id
        pre-shared-secret password 
        remote-id id
      cipher-suite suite
      group number
      mode mode
      rekey seconds
      version number


IKE Version
version number
Specify the version of the IKE protocol to use. The Viptela software supports IKE version 1 and IKE version 2.
Values: 1, 2
Default: 1


View the default IKE configuration:

vEdge# show running-config vpn 1 interface ipsec1 ike
vpn 1
  interface ipsec1
      version     1
      mode        main
      rekey       14400
      ciphersuite aes256-sha1
      group       16
        pre-shared-secret viptela

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 17.2.​

Additional Information

See the Configuring IKE article for your software release.

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