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vpn host—Configure a static mapping between a hostname and an IPv4 or IPv6 address in the hostname cache.

vManage Feature Template

For all Viptela devices:

Configuration ► Templates ► VPN

Command Hierarchy

vpn vpn-id
  host string ip ip-address


Name of the vEdge router within the VPN. The name can be a maximum of 128 characters.
IP Address
IPv4 or IPv6 address to associate with the router. You can associate up to 8 total IP addresses with a hostname.

Operational Commands

show running-config vpn


Configure a static hostname in VPN 1:

vEdge(config)# vpn 1 host my-hostname ip
vEdge(config-vpn-1)# show configuration
vpn 1
  host my-hostname ip

Configure one IPv4 and one IPv6 address for a host:

vEdge# show running-config vpn 0
vpn 0
 host my-vEdge ip 2001::a00:c1a

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​
In Release 16.3, add support for IPv6 addresses.

Additional Information

See the Segmentation (VPN) Overview and Segmentation (VPN) Configuration Examples articles for your software release.

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