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policy cflowd-template flow-sampling-interval—For a cflowd template, how many packets to wait before creating a new flow (on vSmart controllers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vSmart controllers:

Configuration ► Policies ► Centralized Policy

Command Hierarchy

  cflowd-template template-name 
    flow-sampling-interval number


Sampling Interval
How many packets to wait before creating a new flow. Note that if a flow already exists, flow information continues to be recorded in that flow. While you can configure any integer value for the number of packets, the software rounds the value down to the nearest power of 2.
Range: 1 through 65536

Operational Commands

clear app cflowd flows (on vEdge routers only)
clear app cflowd statistics (on vEdge routers only)
show policy from-vsmart (on vEdge routers only)
show running-config policy (on vSmart controllers only)
show app cflowd flows (on vEdge routers only)
show app cflowd template (on vEdge routers only)


Start a new flow after 63 packets, when the 64th packet is received:

vSmart# show running-config policy  
cflowd-template test-cflowd-template
 collector vpn 1 address port 11233
 flow-active-timeout 60
 flow-inactive-timeout 90
 flow-sampling-interval 64
 template-refresh 120

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 16.3.​

Additional Information

See the Traffic Flow Monitoring with Cflowd article for your software release.

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